Otsuka sharehouse’s diary

The other day, One person of a resident was birthday. Happy birthday🎂

As early as a month ago, she wrote the invitation on the white board to all of the people who live here, we are so looking forward to the arrival of her birthday ~ Today, she and her friend cook together, look at the picture you will know how abundance it was.

She is really a nice, lovely person.She often help overseas students learn Japanese, communicate in English with tenants from other countries, and teach them how to massage and how to keep their health. In daily life, she always faces everyone with a sweet smile.Everykone like her.

Here are some of the things that she did for everyone,and photos of celebrating her birthday.

Although we come from different countries and speak different mother tongues, the Japanese language makes our communication more intimate, and the warmth of sharehouse makes us feel like close friends.

She received gifts from Chinese students and Japanese friend, and a surprise cake when Natsumi returned to work late at night.

She was blessed with birthday wishes and surprises, and we felt her warm friendship,and sharehouse was filled with happy emotion and more stories.

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